About Virginie Moré

Bonjour, my name is Virginie Moré. I am an official licensed guide in France and the owner and guide of More Travel.

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Having taught foreign languages for 10 years in the United States (Los Angeles, Bozeman, Montana and Tampa, Florida), it became natural when I moved back to France to teach in one of the best classrooms of the world: my country. I am fortunate to have been recruited by Rick Steves at the very beginning of my guiding career in France. His company introduced me to the concept of small group travel, and I am very grateful for that; I also want to provide a different experience with even smaller groups. I went back to school in France to become a licensed guide and More Travel was born.

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I grew up in Brittany, in the northwest of France. When we moved back from the USA we first settled in Lyon. My husband and I now live on a 9-acre property set among the vineyards of Southern Burgundy and Beaujolais, in Saint-Vérand, where we run an Eco-friendly guesthouse. The rich history, different geography and geology, culture of wine and food of my adoptive region made me want to create authentic experiences for Americans to discover this less explored corner of France.

I have always enjoyed travel and have experienced several types of traveling adventures on different continents, from backpacking trips in the south-west of the United States to scuba diving trips in Indonesia.

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Traveling is not just about the sights but about culture. The two most important books that helped me fit in the USA as a French native were “Sixty Million Frenchmen can’t be Wrong” and “Cultural Misunderstandings“. Many North Americans love French food, wine, landscapes, history, and architecture… but remain puzzled by the French. Instead of having to read a book to try to understand France during your travels, I will help you embrace the local culture to get a real enriching experience.

My small tours are aimed at giving you new authentic, exhilarating, educational and life-broadening experiences.

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Contact me for more information: VirginieMoreTravel@gmail.com